Pre-Treatment Applicator Set
Pre-Treatment Applicator Set

Pre-Treatment Applicator Set

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Pre-Treatment Applicator Set includes:

  • Microfiber Bristle Pad Tool (1)
  • Microfiber Bristle Pad (1)

The Microfiber Bristle Pad Tool is a hinged applicator tool with hook & loop backing. Accepts the Microfiber Bristle Pad, other hook & loop pads or clamp attachment style pads. Adjustable handle accepts friction fit and threaded poles using included adapter.

The Microfiber Bristle Pad is used for the application of Pre-Aging or when cleaning a surface using Surface Care Spray. It contains unique nylon bristles which help regulate the amount of product applied, allowing for a successful application.

  • Re-usable
  • Required for applying Pre-Aging
  • Excellent when used for cleaning