Floor Protector

Floor Protector

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Small Roll - 280 SF Per Roll

Large Roll - 560 SF Per Roll

Floor Protector has a variety of benefits for preserving your newly finished floors when other construction work must continue.  Floor Protector can be used after Oil 2C Part A+B finished projects have cured for a minimum of 24 hours.  If Oil Plus 2C Part A+B finished projects cannot have their full 7-day cure achieved before Floor Protector is laid down, it is advised to allow the finished project multiple days to cure with full exposure to air after Floor Protector is removed.

Air-Flow - Floor Protector is breathable with the highest permeability of 25 g/m2 in 24 hours allowing for remaining moisture to transpire. 

Waterproof - Liquid spills such as paint or water cannot travel through Floor Protector to harm the finish underneath.

Anti-skid - Floor Protector will not slip and helps avoid accidents. 

Protects - Issues arising from potential mechanical stress to floor surfaces are alleviated with the use of Floor Protector.