Exterior wood is exposed to excessive dirt and deposits.  It is crucial to thoroughly clean the surface before treating it with Rubio Monocoat oil.

Exterior Wood Cleaner




For finishing exterior walls, garden sheds and gates, wood is being used more and more, often combined with other materials. The wood can be protected in various ways, depending on the desired result.

RMC Hybrid Wood Protector is a genuine "monocoat", suitable for colouring and protecting all exterior wood in 1 single layer.  The easy application and maintenance make this oil an exceptionally user-friendly product.

Hybrid Wood Protector

But wood is also beautiful when it naturally ages. The Rubio® lab has developed Rubio® WoodCream for all fans of an aged wood look; a revolutionary cream that provides an instant aged look for your wood while making it water repellent at the same time.




Rubio Monocoat products ensure lasting protection and maintenance of your wood and offers the required maintenance products to keep your oiled surfaces in top condition.